How to Earn money with Blogging

Now a days online earnings  is not so deficult for any one. If you have a good website or blog site you can earn money easily by using your site. For earning by blog you should make a blog first. It can be full domin or free domin like blogspot. For successful blogging you need enoup visitor for your blog. When visitor hit on your advertisement you earn money. Not only advertisement there many way to earn money from blogging. In here I want to share some information for beginners on how to make money with blogging.
Some earning teqnich are given below:
  1. PPC- Pay per click ad
  2. Affillet marketing
  3. Money Widgets
  4. In-Text Ads
  5. Parked Domains
  6. Text Link Ads
  7. Donation
  8. Feed Ads
  9. Paid Surveys and Polls
  10. Pop-up Ads
  11. Audio Ads
  12. Article Marketing
  13. Direct Banner
  14. Premium Content
  15. Sponsored Reviews
  16. Sponsored Post
  17. Theme or Template
  18. Private Forums
  19. Site Flipping
  20. Plug-in Sales
  21. Ebook Sales
  22. Freelance Work
  23. Membership Site
  24. Problogger
  25. Job Boards
  26. Event Sponsors
  27. Selling or Renting a Single Page
  28. Marketplaces
  29. Hardcover Book